Honoring Yourself- My Morning Meditation and Yoga Routine

Good Morning! I wanted to piece together a post that was a basic overview of my individual morning yoga & meditation routine. All I did was piece together my favorite energizing and focusing based energy poses, that takes no more than about 10 min in the morning to complete. For as mommas & busy ladies in general we all know how hectic our lives can get. It is utterly imperative to set time aside to clear and center yourself for the day ahead.

So firstly I start off in this pose and take about a couple of minutes to be still & meditate of my energy being cleared, balanced, productive, patient and protected. I try to always make sure to smile during this process because I believe it is a lovely way to set your day with energy that is positive and grateful.

From my meditation I then move on to do some cat/cow poses and make sure to truly pay attention to my slow and steadfast breathing. This is my modified version of childs pose. This is also really great for opening my hip flexors .

Then I go into my camel pose.
From there I transition into my downward facing dog position

After about three good in & out solid breaths I extended one leg behind me and hold for another couple of breaths. Then I sort of arch my foot to the other side and hold the pose again for a couple of smooth breaths.

Next I bring my foot up into my runner lunge position.

After my arm extension stretching, I immediately go into my warrior pose for a couple of nice deep breaths.

From the above pose I then would go back into downward dog and do the entire series of poses again but while using the other leg. Then I make my way back to downward facing down for the final time and then slowly walk forward to mountain pose but while hanging down in rag doll pose.

I typically always finish by slowly rising up into the pose below. I then typically down a glass of lemon water & grab my coffee. There is no set rhyme or reason to it and it’s something I dedicate to for at least 10 minutes in the morning. More is better if you can, but if your a super busy gal like me… I find 10 minutes is more than enough time to realign & to set some amazing intentions for the day. It gives me energy, focus, and all around great vibes to unfold my day to! Namaste!

What Yoga Means to Me


Yoga is currently an extremely popular exercise fad. Yoga for me, and many others however means so much more than some trendy exercise activity to look cool. In fact, in full disclosure, I rarely look half as glamorous as the talented insta yogi’s. The thing is, that Yoga is not meant to be something you do to make you appear better than others. It’s not about being more “hip” and “sophisticated” than others, and it certainly should be seen as so much more than a trendy fad.

Yoga is about promoting and nurturing not only physical heath  but mental health most importantly. As previously stated I rarely look cool doing my yoga but I still practice it almost daily. That’s with small children dripping off of me even lol. That is what embracing the realities of life is all about however. There will always be interruptions throughout the day and life. For me though, if I can focus just a little time in my morning to truly concentrate and focus on a little bit of structure, strength and balance in my practice I feel it spill over into adding structure, strength and balance into my overall day and ultimately my life.

I simply do it  bc it sets me in a better state of mind. It eases my anxiety without me having to take medicine, it energizes me, gives me more patience which in turn makes me a better mother. It is a moment I can be fully emerged in myself & my connection to the universe.

What’s in a Chakra?

What is a Chakra? A Chakra is a spot of spiritual energy in the body. There are seven spots in total that are commonly focused on. These spots are believed at times to become blocked and unbalanced. Which is why the practice of yoga and meditation becomes so important within our lives. It is essential to know these spiritual hotspots in order to promote peace and balance within your own energetic makeup.

I personally find the knowledge of our energetic chakras particularly useful for spots to focus one while meditating.

Here is a brief overview of the seven chakras;

Crown- Located at the top of the head. Sits like an energetic crown either right above or at the very top of your head. Associated with the pituitary gland. This chakra associates with higher states of consciousness and awareness. Freedom from limiting and close-minded beliefs. An imbalanced Crown chakra can lead to; close mindedness, cynicism, living too much in your head, disconnection to spirit or spiritual beliefs.

Third eye- Located on your forehead, right between your eyebrows.This Chakra is of intuition and foresight. Opening and tapping into your third eye gives one the advantage of seeing things as they essentially are. This chakra stand for truth in all matters. An imbalance third eye chakra would result in insomnia, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression,and migraines. The best way I have heard of this chakra being unbalanced is akin to the feeling of having one too many cups of coffee. Typically the problem with this chakra arise from universal information overload.

Throat- Located at the center of the neck at the level of the throat. A blocked throat chakra can significantly impact your ability to communicate effectively for fear of ridicule or judgment.

Heart- This Chakra located right in the middle of the rib cage (closest to the heart) is not surprisingly associated with love. Not just love for   you be others but most importantly love for yourself. Knowing your own worth as a strong and powerful individual. This chakra rules relationship matters, the ability to forgive, accept and to transform. An unbalanced heart chakra finds it hard to forgive, insistently holds grudges, envious, fearful, insecure.

Navel- Located in the belly area, this chakra is about taking responsibility, power, and self-will. Independence and clarity of good judgment is common with this chakra. However when this chakra is unbalanced  you become overly obsessed with the details and overly controlling

Sacral-This chakra is about sexual energy, emotional well-being and creativity. An unbalanced Sacral chakra can lead to over indulgence in sexual fantasies, co dependency, over all feeling of numbness or feeling stuck in life.

Root-Our chakra of survival, Feeling safe and secure, support, grounding, and creativity. An unbalanced chakra consists of excessive negativity, greed, and a massive sense of insecurity.

Focusing on the balance and health of each one of these energetic hotspots will eventually result in achieving the peaceful calm and balance we all achieve for in the everyday to-day. For when we find are calm we find our confidence. With our confidence we can achieve anything!


Yoga Poses for Anxiety

We will never be able to outrun the stress and anxiety of our lives. In most instances especialy as we get older, and the responsibility piles up the stress and anxiety only compounds oneself. I have found great solace in essential oils, meditation, and yoga. I love yoga because it not only alleviates my anxiety, back issues, and headaches, but it is a stretching/strengthening practice that incorporates meditation as well. So I thought I would post a couple of my go to poses that I use the most to keep my struggles with anxiety at bay.


The Plow Pose (Halasana)

This pose not only stretches and opens up your neck, but your shoulders and back as well. That’s why this pose is a serious favorite of mine. For it really is a charm at combating headaches. Which I tend to struggle with quite often. It brings your blood and energy flow towards your throat chakra and is excellent in aiding one with a better nights sleep.


The Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

This pose stretches the legs, the core, and really opens up the hips. Great at reliving lower back pain, and an amazing pose at improving ones posture as well. The one is a heart opener (energy speaking). It opens your heart chakra up and allows for a flow of energy to flow easier towards your throat chakra on its way to the crown chakra.


Supported Headstand Pose (Salamba Sirsasana)


The supported head stand pose is hands down (pun intended) one of the best poses to align your chakras. Especially the first upper two. Aligning your chakras allows a smoother energy flow. Allowing the energy to move directly towards your third eye & crown chakras. There is also the concept that with your head down on the ground you are transferring the energy from earth towards your crown chakra as well. In essence absorbing energy to literally “ground” your chakras and self. Take note though that the headstand pose is a toughie even in the pic you can tell I’m totally punking out with 1. being right next to that wall and 2. holding a pillow under my head (so hope the energy from the ground is prepared to rock through that pillow before reaching my crown chakra lol). Lastly for this pose your arms should be way more “in” tucked way closer to your ears… but again me & the pillow so…. However this pose is a key one for strengthening shoulders and arms and increasing blood flow for better focus.


I also love using the poses of child’s pose, cat/ cow, downward dog, the cobra…. I call them “my classics” because they are not too crazy and so so beneficial at keeping my aging body together and my anxiety at ease. I hope this inspires you to get stretching to a calmer center as well!