Summer essential oils soaps

Dr Bronners soap is my jam. As it is so many others…it’s a best selling Castile soap that infused with the essential oils.

This little set I carried with me to the beach was pure perfection. I could interchange between the citrus oil one which would instantly lift my sprits & energize my essence. Then after a day on the beach where even with serious sun protection, my skin tends to feel a little crispy & in need of some calming TLC. I could refreshen up with the peppermint oil one for a soothing refresher before we would head out for evening adventures.

The peppermint oil soothes inflamed skin like no other. Its perfect for post sun activities weather you spend the day at the beach or pool even. It’s an invigorating & energizing oil. This oil is also great at relieving muscle pain. It’s known to be very soothing and calming to your skin.

The citrus is amazing as well because it practically smells of the sun. Its a real pep you up oil. This oil is also used as an antidepressant, anti inflammatory & aphrodisiac. Perfect vacation oil.

This soap can be used for just about anything and is equally environmentally friendly. It not only cleanses but is incredibly hydrating. In particular the hemp oil in these soaps has amazing anti aging properties. Namaste!

St. Patrick’s Day Camping

We have a family tradition that started when my parents purchased their camper a couple of years ago. We do family camping to celebrate my mother and fathers birthdays. My mothers birthday is at the end of March, and my fathers is right at the beginning of August. So the tradition has just evolved into us doing our spring camping trip and our end of summer trip, that wraps up our summer fun and typically marks the start of our school year.

This year though my parents were going to be out-of-town, so we did spring camping a little bit earlier than usual. This year we had us a fun St. Patrick’s Day camping trip. I can not express how vitally important it is to take your littles camping. These trips were an essential part of my childhood. I will always carry the fondest memories of being out in nature, flying kites, bonding with my little brother and cousins, and making pistachio pudding with my grandmother. I learned how to fish from my father on one of our camping trips and will carry my memories of nature walks with my grandfather forever.

These camping trips are so much more than getting out in nature, they are the creation of beautiful childhood memories that I am so grateful that I can pass down such beautiful memories to my girls. This trip my girls, and my niece had their very first real “slumber party” and we took our eldest on ‘bear hikes’. We finished up our St. Patty’s day up with a corned beef meat pie, braised cabbage steaks with balsamic glaze, and of course Guinness…Always the Guinness. Hoping all had an equally amazing St. Patrick’s Day!!