Super New Moon in Leo

Another month another new moon. Ahhhh but this is not just any new moon you see…. this is a super new moon. There is a partial solar eclipse occurring around the same time as our new moon in Leo commences. Which tends to amplify and overall send new moon energies into overdrive. Traditional new moon time is about setting your intentions, sewing the seeds of what you wish for from the universe. So think of this new moon as that kind of energy but with some super fertilizer. Take some time to meditate and truly concentrate on what you want to achieve and why you wish to achieve said goals. For now is a time like no other to truly marinate and manifest some serious energy. Especially with the sun conjunct the moon absolutely all possibilities are on the table. Be careful what you wish for during this time because you absolutely might just get it! Namaste!

July 27 2018-Blood Moon +Full Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

I loved you before I met you… you were always my ride or die. I’ll love you thrice more even after the eclipse….

The longest lunar eclipse of our century will commence this up and coming Friday July 27th 2018. This energy (as with any lunar energy) will be grand, fluid, and intense… a total reset of our emotions at hand. We will be riding this energy out up until August 11. It’s an emotional revolution, plain and simple. With the lunar (emotional aspect) and the eclipse in Aquarius (revolutionary) energy. This eclipsed will be extremely emotionally challenged as well due to the heavily influence of Mars (ferocious abundant energy). To me this Full moon, crazy in nature and eclipse in eccentric Aquarius is one hell of a double edge sword. Filled with bolts of thunderess energy leading you towards your future. That certain someone contacting you and filling your world with poetry and delectably eccentric passion… but then at the same time, the next day with nothing… an excruciating void of what the joyous past held. Leaving you to the stark realization that you were never ever in control… you are sad when you no longer hear from him, and yet nothing else makes you smile more than when you do hear from him… and he proclaims you his Queen. Just hold tight until August 11th. When eclipse season ends and you can steady yourself with more practical energy and thought of mind.The end of Cancer season typically always has the tendency to drown us all in this watery sense of destiny and emotions. It’s watery and tumultuous shores ahead… brace yourselves all for a watershed and extraordinary transformative time in our lives. Namaste my loves!


Partial Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Cancer

I have had me one super moody moon energy kind of day, let me tell you….. Which makes perfect sense with the new moon today and a partial Solar eclipse in Cancer. The sign that represents the moon, and then moon in astrology represents water…emotion…intuition…psychic ability and empathic capabilities. So all of this Cancer energy has been tripled and will continue so throughout the eclipse season. Eclipses bring about new opportunities- So for an indication of where the solar eclipse will be effecting you personally it is a good idea to take a look at where Cancer is in your chart.

The Sun opposing Pluto will create a bit of an inner crisis with your self-esteem in some manner however. 

Along with Pluto in retrograde and the new moon shows us that this is a time to cut out the negative, and controlling aspects that have been secretly sabotaging your best efforts for abundance. Big exciting opportunities are on the horizon and eclipse season as hard and difficult as the energy is to handle, you must remember it truly is a blessing. It is like an energetic tidal wave forcing chaos and destructive change in order clear out and wash away all of the negative, evil, and toxic energy that is controlling the narrative of your future. Now is the time to embrace the eclipses, by bracing ourselves for the wave that is now beginning to hit. Just beware that its ok to feel all the crazy and difficult energy and emotions take it the best you can, wait it out, and you will start to see the miraculous regrowth coming to formation this Fall. 

New Moon in Gemini 6/13 ~Abundance Abound

Happy New moon eve to all! I have been cleaning my house like a crazy woman all day. For much like I use the excuse to crazy clean my house when visitors are coming over I also use the new moon as an excuse to crazy clean and set my new monthly intentions off right! I’m very excited about this new moon tomorrow, for not only do I have my rising sign in Gemini but this new moon will be affected by 8 star constellations that will favorably aspect this new moon. We have the star constellations as listed;

  • Bellatrix-The female warrior, woman born under this star constellation are known for mighty tongues. I not only have Bellatrix in my 1st house but in Gemini as well.
  • Capella-Gives honor, heath, renown and a public sense of trust and friendship
  • Phact- The bringer of good news
  • Mintaka-Is of the nature of mercury and Saturn, so there is a karmic element to this star and is known as the star that brings good fortune.
  •  El Nath-Gives fortune and neutrality to both good & evil
  • Ensis- Gives strong and dignified nature, prosperity of trade and voyages abroad.
  • Alnilam- Gives public honors
  •  Al Hecka- Give great psychic powers

New moon in Gemini will be an excellent day to study, intensify research on a subject, and really getting down to the nitty-gritty.

I personally intend to get serious with my own nose to the grind on all sorts of important projects that will hopefully launch my own notoriety and success within my career and creative project sector. That is what this new moon is all about. Get your face and your work out there and shine a flood light on it, for now is the time for take off.

Like Mark Twain quoted “the best way to get ahead is to get started”.



New Moon Pointers


New moon and full moon are vitally important times in the zodiac. Celebrating and honoring the releasing of outdated patterns.As well as the visualization/ manifestation of  our intentions. Here is a quick overview of my favorite ways to embrace the New moon/ new intentions energy of the month.


  1. Clean your environment…. Clutter and stagnant energy are never beneficial in the launch of any energy work. When ever I am feeling stuck energetically, I always try clearing up my house first. The cleaning of your space will not only look better but will free up unwanted energetic blockages that surround you. Perhaps get some great oils going in your oil diffuser…. for nothing quite motivates, and inspires our senses like delicious aromatherapy. Try peppermint, lemon, or orange blossom oil. All great energizing oils that leave you with that motivated and fresh clean smell that personifies clean slate.


2.Meditation and then writing your intentions down. Take a moment to clear and center yourself. Balance those chakras and then think for a second about what you what to achieve in the next month… Why are these goals so important to you? what desired action do you think is necessary to achieve these goals. Write these intentions and thoughts (little notes to yourself as I call them) down, read them continuously  throughout the month. I mean journal your little metaphysical loving heart out here.



3. Get your tub goals on. Set up an energy uplifting bath. Run your water with some salts, salts are known for their negative clearing properties in general. Salts (particularly epsom salts) are also therapeutic, soothing and relax stressed muscles… so kill two birds with one stone. Oil it up as well… Go with what ever oil best uplifts and rejuvenate your soul. The objective is to leave feeling spiritually uplifted and motivated… I use rose oil… it’s just my jam, that’s all. Jojoba or coconut oil as well would be an added addition, because nothing makes me feel better and ready to take on the world like properly moisturized skin. Light your favorite candles, get your favorite crystals, and heck pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of cucumber water. Anything to set the mood of “I am renewed and replenished with this moon. I am open and excited for all possible new beginnings”


Most importantly remember to give thanks and gratitude to the universe for not only allowing this beautiful flow of energy into your life, but for the exciting opportunities that have yet to be manifested.



New Moon in Aries 4/15/2018

We are building up to the new moon in Aries this month on Sunday the 15th. New moon equals fresh new start. Especially so with Mercury going direct on the very same day. Start reevaluating goals, plans and strategies to get to said goals. For this moon packs a punch.

Aries is represented by the planet of Mars… Mars in astrology is about action… a call to arms/ war-driven kind of energy. You could find yourself  going to battle for what you believe in. A need to justify what you are doing and going after in life. Unexpected plot twists are likely as well with Uranus at a hard angle to the new moon. Uranus is about sudden, profound, and often times destructive energy. It stands for surprises…. Think shocking and electric energy. So wether that be a good surprise or bad surprise depends and other placements in your chart and your mindset. No matter what kind of energy the universe send your way, your mind is the trump card. You can either spin straw into gold or the alternative…..

I would highly recommend watching your temper and impulsive tendencies with this new moon period. The moon represents water and emotions. Just like the waves continuously going up and down…. the moon cycles winning and waxing… and so on. That makes this emotional watery moon very uncomfortable in such a fiery energy such as Aries. However with proper meditation and manifestation we can channel this sensitive, dramatic yet powerful energy to do massive good in our lives. Especially with Mercury going direct on the exact day as the new moon. Now is the time to speak up and loudly declare. Dive headfirst into the work needed to forage ahead.