Honoring Yourself- My Morning Meditation and Yoga Routine

Good Morning! I wanted to piece together a post that was a basic overview of my individual morning yoga & meditation routine. All I did was piece together my favorite energizing and focusing based energy poses, that takes no more than about 10 min in the morning to complete. For as mommas & busy ladies in general we all know how hectic our lives can get. It is utterly imperative to set time aside to clear and center yourself for the day ahead.

So firstly I start off in this pose and take about a couple of minutes to be still & meditate of my energy being cleared, balanced, productive, patient and protected. I try to always make sure to smile during this process because I believe it is a lovely way to set your day with energy that is positive and grateful.

From my meditation I then move on to do some cat/cow poses and make sure to truly pay attention to my slow and steadfast breathing. This is my modified version of childs pose. This is also really great for opening my hip flexors .

Then I go into my camel pose.
From there I transition into my downward facing dog position

After about three good in & out solid breaths I extended one leg behind me and hold for another couple of breaths. Then I sort of arch my foot to the other side and hold the pose again for a couple of smooth breaths.

Next I bring my foot up into my runner lunge position.

After my arm extension stretching, I immediately go into my warrior pose for a couple of nice deep breaths.

From the above pose I then would go back into downward dog and do the entire series of poses again but while using the other leg. Then I make my way back to downward facing down for the final time and then slowly walk forward to mountain pose but while hanging down in rag doll pose.

I typically always finish by slowly rising up into the pose below. I then typically down a glass of lemon water & grab my coffee. There is no set rhyme or reason to it and it’s something I dedicate to for at least 10 minutes in the morning. More is better if you can, but if your a super busy gal like me… I find 10 minutes is more than enough time to realign & to set some amazing intentions for the day. It gives me energy, focus, and all around great vibes to unfold my day to! Namaste!

Chakra Healing Stones

The Premise of chakras is simply the idea that there are 7 hubs or hotspot on our body. Spots that are responsible for particular energy and emotions that make up our energetic physic as a whole. Crystals and stones are well attributed for their energetic properties. So using them for their healing qualities to attune and balance the energies of our chakras only makes sense.

Root Chakra is the most primal energy hotspot on our body. This Chakra reperesents our instincts and survivalist nature. This Chakra is about being grounded and feeling safe. I use Red Jasper to balance my root chakra. Red Jasper induces confidence, strength, and life force. This stone gives you the courage to speak up and be heard. To focus on your own independence and life force energy.

The Sacral Chakra is the chakra that is associated with the energy of creativity, sexuality, arousal and pleasure. It is the sexual hub out of all the chakras. I use Carnelian to balance my Sacral Chakra. Carnelian ushers in a very vibrant energy, an energy of stepping out of the norm, being bold and powerful. This stone inspires ambition and drive. An all around action stone.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the chakra that deals with your self, your ego. What your beliefs are and is the center of your will power & self esteem. I use Yellow Calcite to clear out old, toxic and self limiting energy. This stone is excellent for irradiating self doubt, and giving one more self confidence.

The Heart Chakra is all about how you love. Your compassion and warmth for others. If your having problems in being open and accepting of love or how you are warm towards other, this is the chakra you want to focus on clearing and balancing. I love the stone Prehnite for this Chakra. This stone is enhances spiritual connection and deepens the relationship that you have for yourself. For it is essential to love oneself properly before you can embark on relationships with others.

The Throat Chakra is about your truth, and how you properly & effectively communicate with others. This chakra is like the voice in which all the other chakras may be expressed. I love using the blue quartz to balance this Chakra out. For it’s a beautiful stone to enhance communication & bring peaceful & diplomatic expression. Quartz in general are excellent for clearing & protection.

The Third Eye Chakra is your chakra of inner conscious. This Chakra energy is about your intuition & psychic abilities. Your spiritual eye Chakra. I use Sodalite with this Chakra. Sodalite is a stone that opens one up & enhances spiritual messages/awakenings. This stone is about balancing between logic and intuitive thoughts.

The Crown Chakra is your connection with the divine. This Chakra will be your area of enlightenment and how you connect with the universe. Amethyst is my go to to heal and balance my crown chakra. Amethyst is the ultimate psychic protection stone. This purple gem heals, balances, & heights energy of love & psychic awareness.

These are my favorite stones to use for chakra healing but there are many other wonderful options in the world of healing crystals and stones. Namaste.

Dream State

Prophetic dreams have always been apart off my life. Since as far back as I can remember, I would always have dreams that would seem bizarre or unusual at the time, but then after a couple of days (or in some cases 24 hours). Events would unfold and ultimately make perfect sense. Many claim to even have been visited by love ones in their dream states as well. For the majority of us though our dreams are an extreme source of being able to understand our psyche & subconscious. It’s like going to a shrink (picking your own brain apart) but for free!

The number one thing I tell people, who ask me questions about dreams are to firstly, try to recollect your emotions that you experienced from the dream. That typically seems to serve as the “theme” of the dream and the overall message. Secondly we pick out symbols that stood out in the dream. For example, I have lately been dreaming so much of traveling, being in a foreign-yet familiar city in my dream, stair cases, being up high (so high that it frightens me). You look up the symbols (typically google works just fine-or any dream dictionary) Such as Travel= movement in life/journey in life, Stairs= good omen/moving forward, high up= rise in status/ or consciousness ect. Then lastly you consider any people you may have encountered in your dream ( whether they be known or not) such as a mysterious tall man you might be attached to in the particular dream.

This is my own personal formula I do to picking apart my dreams & not only discovering potential occurrences in my future but discovering more of myself in the here and now. My own fears and success so to speak. Please let me know of any interesting dreams or dream related questions you may have. Namaste!

Chakra Play dough

I had a fun project with my littles this past weekend. We made chakra play dough and added essential oils to each one that best facilitates the individual chakras. So for the root chakra (our red play dough)-the chakra associates with grounding, balance, feeling safe and secure we added an essential oil blend with ginger in it. For our Sacral chakra (orange play dough)- the chakra that harness our emotional and creative energy we used some lemongrass oil. The solar plexus (yellow play dough)-the chakra of personal will and power we added some rosemary oil. For the heart chakra (green play dough)-the chakra of compassion and love we used rose oil. The throat chakra (light blue play dough)-the chakra of expression and communication we used peppermint oil. For the third eye chakra (dark blue play dough)-the chakra of perception, intuition, and inspiration we added frankincense oil. Lastly for the crown chakra (purple play dough)-the chakra of wisdom and transcendence we used lavender oil. This was such a fun way to introduce my littles to what chakras even are, as well as introduce them to a range of amazing essential oils, but with a relatable twist with their favorite… play dough! I will note however that it is advised that children under 12 should never be exposed to eucalyptus oil and even peppermint oil should be avoided for children under 6. I add very little however and have never had issues with my children and the peppermint oil play dough. Every child is different though, so perhaps stay away from those oils all together and defiantly ALWAYS make sure to wash your littles hand after play dough playtime.  Other than that one side note, this project is a fun activity to do together with your children to bond and to introduce them to both essential oils and chakras.


Chakra Play dough

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 1cup of flour
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 t of cream of tartar
  • 1/3 cup of salt
  • 1 T of coconut (or olive) oil
  • Food coloring
  • Essential oils of choice


Combine flour, water, cream of tartar, salt, oil in a pot over medium heat. This combination will have the consistency of pancake batter. Keep mixing while it heats up, then after about 5 min or so the mixture will turn into a ball of play dough consistency. Remove the dough ball from the pan onto some wax paper. After the dough ball cools your going to separate the dough into 7 different dough balls and add color to each ball for the colors that represent the different chakras red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple. Then add the essential oils to each ball that goes with the oil that represents each chakra. store in a dry air tight container.


What’s in a Chakra?

What is a Chakra? A Chakra is a spot of spiritual energy in the body. There are seven spots in total that are commonly focused on. These spots are believed at times to become blocked and unbalanced. Which is why the practice of yoga and meditation becomes so important within our lives. It is essential to know these spiritual hotspots in order to promote peace and balance within your own energetic makeup.

I personally find the knowledge of our energetic chakras particularly useful for spots to focus one while meditating.

Here is a brief overview of the seven chakras;

Crown- Located at the top of the head. Sits like an energetic crown either right above or at the very top of your head. Associated with the pituitary gland. This chakra associates with higher states of consciousness and awareness. Freedom from limiting and close-minded beliefs. An imbalanced Crown chakra can lead to; close mindedness, cynicism, living too much in your head, disconnection to spirit or spiritual beliefs.

Third eye- Located on your forehead, right between your eyebrows.This Chakra is of intuition and foresight. Opening and tapping into your third eye gives one the advantage of seeing things as they essentially are. This chakra stand for truth in all matters. An imbalance third eye chakra would result in insomnia, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression,and migraines. The best way I have heard of this chakra being unbalanced is akin to the feeling of having one too many cups of coffee. Typically the problem with this chakra arise from universal information overload.

Throat- Located at the center of the neck at the level of the throat. A blocked throat chakra can significantly impact your ability to communicate effectively for fear of ridicule or judgment.

Heart- This Chakra located right in the middle of the rib cage (closest to the heart) is not surprisingly associated with love. Not just love for   you be others but most importantly love for yourself. Knowing your own worth as a strong and powerful individual. This chakra rules relationship matters, the ability to forgive, accept and to transform. An unbalanced heart chakra finds it hard to forgive, insistently holds grudges, envious, fearful, insecure.

Navel- Located in the belly area, this chakra is about taking responsibility, power, and self-will. Independence and clarity of good judgment is common with this chakra. However when this chakra is unbalanced  you become overly obsessed with the details and overly controlling

Sacral-This chakra is about sexual energy, emotional well-being and creativity. An unbalanced Sacral chakra can lead to over indulgence in sexual fantasies, co dependency, over all feeling of numbness or feeling stuck in life.

Root-Our chakra of survival, Feeling safe and secure, support, grounding, and creativity. An unbalanced chakra consists of excessive negativity, greed, and a massive sense of insecurity.

Focusing on the balance and health of each one of these energetic hotspots will eventually result in achieving the peaceful calm and balance we all achieve for in the everyday to-day. For when we find are calm we find our confidence. With our confidence we can achieve anything!


Morning Cup of Meditation

Not sure about you, but with me…Nature keeps me focused. It mentally keeps me locked and loaded. In every aspect, but especially when it comes to my morning meditation. When you feel your mind drifting, the feel of the breeze on your face and the sound of the chirping birds will gently help you to refocus your breath work again, and transfix your mind back into a gentle state of disciplined mindfulness.

Also I focus on a number of visual techniques as well to obtain the proper energy during my sessions. Such as the visualization of my chakras lighting up- to represent mental balance, energetic roots from my body growing into the ground- to represent energetically grounding oneself, or visualizing a cord of light from the top of your head shooting straight up towards the heaven above- as a symbolization of connecting oneself to source.

One of my favorite yogis always says it’s important to ‘embrace your reality’ that may mean only dedicating 10 min towards meditation in the morning before the littles wake. Or in my case fitting some morning yoga in whilst those littles of mine dangle off of me like wild monkeys.

It’s still vitally important to keep your center though. Fight for it even. For whether it be children, deadlines, or overall laziness… fighting and honoring YOUR center, YOUR balance, and YOUR peace is invaluable. We will never be able to escape difficult and even toxic energy in our everyday life. We can however escape the negative reactions that those of a lower vibration seek to invoke with in us. Those with a disharmonious intent of disrupting your balance for their own greedy agendas. You can still be in this crazy world and at the same time be strong, mindful, and seek to nurture & cultivate that balance and to defend it ferociously. You might be surprised even to realize how your own calm will not only inspire but with lead others towards a more balance and peaceful existence as well.



New Moon Pointers


New moon and full moon are vitally important times in the zodiac. Celebrating and honoring the releasing of outdated patterns.As well as the visualization/ manifestation of  our intentions. Here is a quick overview of my favorite ways to embrace the New moon/ new intentions energy of the month.


  1. Clean your environment…. Clutter and stagnant energy are never beneficial in the launch of any energy work. When ever I am feeling stuck energetically, I always try clearing up my house first. The cleaning of your space will not only look better but will free up unwanted energetic blockages that surround you. Perhaps get some great oils going in your oil diffuser…. for nothing quite motivates, and inspires our senses like delicious aromatherapy. Try peppermint, lemon, or orange blossom oil. All great energizing oils that leave you with that motivated and fresh clean smell that personifies clean slate.


2.Meditation and then writing your intentions down. Take a moment to clear and center yourself. Balance those chakras and then think for a second about what you what to achieve in the next month… Why are these goals so important to you? what desired action do you think is necessary to achieve these goals. Write these intentions and thoughts (little notes to yourself as I call them) down, read them continuously  throughout the month. I mean journal your little metaphysical loving heart out here.



3. Get your tub goals on. Set up an energy uplifting bath. Run your water with some salts, salts are known for their negative clearing properties in general. Salts (particularly epsom salts) are also therapeutic, soothing and relax stressed muscles… so kill two birds with one stone. Oil it up as well… Go with what ever oil best uplifts and rejuvenate your soul. The objective is to leave feeling spiritually uplifted and motivated… I use rose oil… it’s just my jam, that’s all. Jojoba or coconut oil as well would be an added addition, because nothing makes me feel better and ready to take on the world like properly moisturized skin. Light your favorite candles, get your favorite crystals, and heck pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of cucumber water. Anything to set the mood of “I am renewed and replenished with this moon. I am open and excited for all possible new beginnings”


Most importantly remember to give thanks and gratitude to the universe for not only allowing this beautiful flow of energy into your life, but for the exciting opportunities that have yet to be manifested.