Calming Lavender Play Dough

Lavender play dough

  • Difficulty: easy
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  • 1cup of flour
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 t of cream of tartar
  • 1/3 cup of salt
  • 1 T of olive oil
  • 1 T of purple food coloring
  • Roughly about 25 drops of essential lavender oil
  • about 2 T of fresh lavender


Combine flour, water, cream of tartar, salt, oil in a pot over medium heat. This combination will have the consistency of pancake batter. Keep mixing while it heats up, then after about 5 min or so the mixture will turn into a ball of play dough consistency. Remove the dough ball from the pan onto some wax paper. After the dough ball cools add the food coloring, oil and fresh lavender and you keep folding and kneading until the play dough ball comes together.

The Metaphysics of Gardening


I always foster these grand ideas about being some fantastic gardener. However the reality of the matter is I suck so badly at the activity, that it’s not even funny. I guess at the end of the day after nurturing, and caring for everything around and making sure that my family is still alive at the end of the day. I’m just too darned tired to remember to make sure the planets needs have all been met as well. That said this year I was determined to at least get a little garden flourishing and hopefully even alive and the end of the season (we will see…fingers crossed). Regardless of the outcome I love any opportunity to engage and to include my littles in the wonders of nature.

So first up, we started off our gardening adventures with a visit to the Atlanta botanical gardens for inspiration.

Nothing quite beats story time in the gardens,  learning about different seeds, and planting workshops.

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We left with all sorts of inspiration to boot! First we got our seed starters going- from old recyclable egg cartons. We added some potting soil, and then our seeds (along with some good wishes) . We started off with some seeds for lettuce, carrots, onions, and tomatoes. Then we got these seeds in our Cheerios box to help #bringbackthebees that we planted as well. We learned all about how important bees are to our ecosystem and how we all need to do our part in helping to support them.

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Then we finally started to see some success after about a week of watering and nurturing our seeds and it was plant time.

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Next on our garden list is for us going to get our herbs going strong to add some yummy flavors to our food. Also doesn’t hurt to add a little good metaphysical mojo as well…

Basil- This is plant is known to bring in money and fortunate energy. Who can’t use a little more wealth in their lives? Am I right? Strongly attracts energy for money but also for love and health matters as well

Sage- Known for its purification properties, dry and burn your own sage for environment cleansing properties

Lavender- the plant that brings in more men into your life. Lavender brings on great love energy. Plus this plant is so soothing you can use it for endless soothing and restful properties.

Lemon- Great for clearing blockages

Another little added jazz for your garden would be adding some crystals to the soil surrounding the plants. Not only for a cool look but a lot of crystals are known for over all garden health and productivity.

moonstone-a symbol of fertility and the lunar energy. promotes restorative health in a garden.

Tigers eye- thought to improve overall root growth in plants. A stone known for courage and strength will promote overall stability and strength in your garden.

Citrine is a stone that energizes and warms your garden. Extremely protective this stone is in association with the solar plexus and is known to transmute negative energy into positive.

I hope you found this inspiring enough to get your green thumb on as well. The planet needs fresh new growth and dedicated warriors to help preserve and enrich our environment.

Happy Earth Day to all & Namaste!

Morning Cup of Meditation

Not sure about you, but with me…Nature keeps me focused. It mentally keeps me locked and loaded. In every aspect, but especially when it comes to my morning meditation. When you feel your mind drifting, the feel of the breeze on your face and the sound of the chirping birds will gently help you to refocus your breath work again, and transfix your mind back into a gentle state of disciplined mindfulness.

Also I focus on a number of visual techniques as well to obtain the proper energy during my sessions. Such as the visualization of my chakras lighting up- to represent mental balance, energetic roots from my body growing into the ground- to represent energetically grounding oneself, or visualizing a cord of light from the top of your head shooting straight up towards the heaven above- as a symbolization of connecting oneself to source.

One of my favorite yogis always says it’s important to ‘embrace your reality’ that may mean only dedicating 10 min towards meditation in the morning before the littles wake. Or in my case fitting some morning yoga in whilst those littles of mine dangle off of me like wild monkeys.

It’s still vitally important to keep your center though. Fight for it even. For whether it be children, deadlines, or overall laziness… fighting and honoring YOUR center, YOUR balance, and YOUR peace is invaluable. We will never be able to escape difficult and even toxic energy in our everyday life. We can however escape the negative reactions that those of a lower vibration seek to invoke with in us. Those with a disharmonious intent of disrupting your balance for their own greedy agendas. You can still be in this crazy world and at the same time be strong, mindful, and seek to nurture & cultivate that balance and to defend it ferociously. You might be surprised even to realize how your own calm will not only inspire but with lead others towards a more balance and peaceful existence as well.



Easter 2018

It’s Easter baby! and man do we love us some Easter in our household. When it comes to our favorite holidays its always a toss up between Christmas & Easter (with Halloween as  a close runner up). I would even say that Easter has the advantage over Christmas because of the fresh spring weather that is typically at its finest here in Atlanta. So many fun traditions to share with the babies, from egg hunts, painting eggs, and ostereierbaum. Ostereierbaum the German Easter tradition of decorating trees and bushes with decorative eggs. Another pro for team Easter would be that no other holiday glorifies my most favorite meal of any day… BRUNCH, like Easter does. Lastly I would say the overall theme of Easter, the story of Jesus rising from the dead just hits it home for me. It’s the ultimate Phoenix from the ashes story. Jesus was eliminated and still he rose from the ashes. We should all remember this, and carry this vital message in our hearts. Knowing that no matter how much you feel invalid or defeated, that there will forever be room for the rising. Happy Easter!!

Only the essentials for our Easter brunch

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Ostereierbaum & Egg Hunting

The littlest bear 100% certin this “Easter Bunny” is a serial killer in disguise.

See ya later Easter 2018… You have been good to us. Till next year.

St. Patrick’s Day Camping

We have a family tradition that started when my parents purchased their camper a couple of years ago. We do family camping to celebrate my mother and fathers birthdays. My mothers birthday is at the end of March, and my fathers is right at the beginning of August. So the tradition has just evolved into us doing our spring camping trip and our end of summer trip, that wraps up our summer fun and typically marks the start of our school year.

This year though my parents were going to be out-of-town, so we did spring camping a little bit earlier than usual. This year we had us a fun St. Patrick’s Day camping trip. I can not express how vitally important it is to take your littles camping. These trips were an essential part of my childhood. I will always carry the fondest memories of being out in nature, flying kites, bonding with my little brother and cousins, and making pistachio pudding with my grandmother. I learned how to fish from my father on one of our camping trips and will carry my memories of nature walks with my grandfather forever.

These camping trips are so much more than getting out in nature, they are the creation of beautiful childhood memories that I am so grateful that I can pass down such beautiful memories to my girls. This trip my girls, and my niece had their very first real “slumber party” and we took our eldest on ‘bear hikes’. We finished up our St. Patty’s day up with a corned beef meat pie, braised cabbage steaks with balsamic glaze, and of course Guinness…Always the Guinness. Hoping all had an equally amazing St. Patrick’s Day!!