My Sparkling Summer Sipper

This is my new favorite concoction. It’s hardly groundbreaking…Prosecco, sorbet & that’s absolutely it. However there is something so satisfying and fun about the simple things in life.

The thing that really makes this for me is using the Jeni’s Sorbet Frose

Rose sorbet….nuff said

Sparkling Summer Sipper

  • Ingredients
    • Jeni’s Sorbet Frose
      Your favorite bottle of Prosecco or Champagne

    Scoop a couple scoop fulls of the Frose in your cup & top off with your sparkling beverage of choice. Could even work with some non alcoholic sparkling juice or water for the kiddies!

    Apple Gin Moscow Mule

    Apple Gin Moscow Mule

    • Difficulty: easy
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    • 1 jigger of Good Gin
    • Sparking Cider
    • Dash of fresh ginger
    • Apple slice for garnish


    While you are mixing your cocktail up, it is vital to get some ice in your Moscow mule to be able to set to the side & let chill. Mix all ingredients up in a cocktail shaker. Make sure to have a towel wrapped around your cocktail shaker & do not shake to vigirously (perhaps, just a swirl really) in the shaker. For since the sparkling cider is fizzy, you could end up making yourself one heck of a mess. Pour into the chilled mule & garnish with an apple slice.