Venus Retrograde + New Moon 10/8/18


Venus goes retrograde October 5th in Scorpio. I myself have my natal Venus in the 8th house, the astrological house ruled by Scorpio. Let me tell you that when it comes to anything Venus related and Scorpio, get ready for a unworldly emotional subconscious dive into the deep dark ocean of the unknown.

It is mysterious, intriguing and ambiguous. Yet believe me when I tell you nothing will rock your core and transform you quite like an Scorpio aspect/transit will. Scorpio is some serious business, known to be the emotional water sign that represents everything dark and extremely sensual. It is a sign to me right up there with Pisces & Cancer that represents the most intuitionaly inclined energy of all the astrological signs. However though where Pisces is the dreamy/spiritual type & Cancer is the nurturing/emotionally intuitive type, Scorpio is the shadowy/underworld type.

So Venus going retrograde in this sign, for pretty much the entire month of October (going Direct 11/16/18) will bring some seriously fated aspects to your love life. First and foremost anyone with even the slightest knowledge of astrology will tell you the #1 rule of Venus retrograde is you do not undergo any extreme beauty regiments like liposuction, Botox, a drastically new hairdo….Hell, I’d even leave those eyebrows alone if I were you…just sayin. Just don’t do it… trust me on this one & with this particular Venus retrograde with a square mars aspect, just wait.

I would also highly be on the look out for ex lovers or opportunities of forbidden affairs to arise. Be extremely careful with the kind of energy you adhere to because as previously stated, the things that occur in this time are very fated and will stick with you for a lifetime. I’m also a big advocate of steering away from proposals of marriage during this time. Those who typically become or announce engagements during a Venus retrograde will have big time problems….. if the relationship even lasts until they get to the altar….. to be frank.

Then we will have our New Moon in Libra 10/8/18, with some awfully caring and empathetic energy enveloping us. So this would be a lovely time to set some sincere and sensitive intentions towards your family matters. Beware though of the intense Pluto square aspect to this new moon. This will add drama due to Pluto, the planet ruled by Scorpio (that deep, dramatic energy yet again). So handle your affairs with a gentle and loving energy. I wish all of you the happiest of Octobers! Namaste!

New Moon in Virgo & Me

We have a fortunate new moon in Virgo occurring. Personally I am ready to declare some serious new moon intentions. Virgo is an extremely detail oriented and focused sign. I can not imagine a better type of energy you would want behind and driving your fresh intentions for the month.

I have found myself shedding so many ego issues with the recent Neptune activity as well. I find myself sharper and just a little bit more prepared for the next chapter than say I was about a couple of weeks ago. That’s the way it works though… In July & August we were undergoing so many seriously transformative eclipses, with the sole purpose of shaking us all up energetically.

Communication was hindered as well with the mercury retrograde and shadow periods. So finally at this time, for the first time in months we can shed the cocoon of the summers eclipse and retrograde seasons and not only finally declare but fully focus on where desire to go next. Another aspect of note with this new moon in particular is with the opposition to Neptune-the planet of confusion, deception, and fear. This new moon is about uncovering some major fears to achieve the essential confidence we need for success and to forage on.

Moving During Mercury Retrograde

We all know what Mercury retrograde is. Or at least have some sort of idea, because people with in the astrology community & social media spectrum sure do blab enough about it. It has this reputation of being a dreaded astrological event of where the planet Mercury appears to be retrograding or going backwards, so there for all this chaotic energy will rain down in our lives. Mercury is known has the planet of communication, so it is true and no surprise really that during this time communication of all forms is enabled.

Stressful times are typically a result of the numerous communication breakdowns during this time, misunderstandings, emotional outburst are typical. Thats the main reason it is highly recommended to NOT sign contracts or make big business decisions during this time period. However mercury goes retrograde 3 to 4 times a year and its just not practical or probable to be able to put a hold on important life decisions. Well I am a perfect example of that!

This current mercury retrograde My husband and I underwent selling our home and buying our new home…. It’s a been a shit storm at times but overall not to the end of the world. From getting lowballed on our house one day & then a hail Mary offer the minute we were about to fold. Countless surprises about repairs needed on both houses. Being told people wouldn’t fix things & then that they would. That’s pretty much mercury retrograde personified. A roller coaster plain and simple, which is what makes it the worst time for business. It’s going to be difficult & pressing at times. However at the end you will be refined & greater than before. Success even in business matters are possible during this time, you just need to be in the right mind set & prepared.

That’s the whole point of planet retrogrades…to refine and evolve energy…not to reign havoc. Ride that drama like a pro surfer-bc its inevitable, re read everything like 4 times over, be ready for the unexpected & relax when you can. Keep calm and Mercury retrograde on.

Super New Moon in Leo

Another month another new moon. Ahhhh but this is not just any new moon you see…. this is a super new moon. There is a partial solar eclipse occurring around the same time as our new moon in Leo commences. Which tends to amplify and overall send new moon energies into overdrive. Traditional new moon time is about setting your intentions, sewing the seeds of what you wish for from the universe. So think of this new moon as that kind of energy but with some super fertilizer. Take some time to meditate and truly concentrate on what you want to achieve and why you wish to achieve said goals. For now is a time like no other to truly marinate and manifest some serious energy. Especially with the sun conjunct the moon absolutely all possibilities are on the table. Be careful what you wish for during this time because you absolutely might just get it! Namaste!

July 27 2018-Blood Moon +Full Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

I loved you before I met you… you were always my ride or die. I’ll love you thrice more even after the eclipse….

The longest lunar eclipse of our century will commence this up and coming Friday July 27th 2018. This energy (as with any lunar energy) will be grand, fluid, and intense… a total reset of our emotions at hand. We will be riding this energy out up until August 11. It’s an emotional revolution, plain and simple. With the lunar (emotional aspect) and the eclipse in Aquarius (revolutionary) energy. This eclipsed will be extremely emotionally challenged as well due to the heavily influence of Mars (ferocious abundant energy). To me this Full moon, crazy in nature and eclipse in eccentric Aquarius is one hell of a double edge sword. Filled with bolts of thunderess energy leading you towards your future. That certain someone contacting you and filling your world with poetry and delectably eccentric passion… but then at the same time, the next day with nothing… an excruciating void of what the joyous past held. Leaving you to the stark realization that you were never ever in control… you are sad when you no longer hear from him, and yet nothing else makes you smile more than when you do hear from him… and he proclaims you his Queen. Just hold tight until August 11th. When eclipse season ends and you can steady yourself with more practical energy and thought of mind.The end of Cancer season typically always has the tendency to drown us all in this watery sense of destiny and emotions. It’s watery and tumultuous shores ahead… brace yourselves all for a watershed and extraordinary transformative time in our lives. Namaste my loves!


Partial Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Cancer

I have had me one super moody moon energy kind of day, let me tell you….. Which makes perfect sense with the new moon today and a partial Solar eclipse in Cancer. The sign that represents the moon, and then moon in astrology represents water…emotion…intuition…psychic ability and empathic capabilities. So all of this Cancer energy has been tripled and will continue so throughout the eclipse season. Eclipses bring about new opportunities- So for an indication of where the solar eclipse will be effecting you personally it is a good idea to take a look at where Cancer is in your chart.

The Sun opposing Pluto will create a bit of an inner crisis with your self-esteem in some manner however. 

Along with Pluto in retrograde and the new moon shows us that this is a time to cut out the negative, and controlling aspects that have been secretly sabotaging your best efforts for abundance. Big exciting opportunities are on the horizon and eclipse season as hard and difficult as the energy is to handle, you must remember it truly is a blessing. It is like an energetic tidal wave forcing chaos and destructive change in order clear out and wash away all of the negative, evil, and toxic energy that is controlling the narrative of your future. Now is the time to embrace the eclipses, by bracing ourselves for the wave that is now beginning to hit. Just beware that its ok to feel all the crazy and difficult energy and emotions take it the best you can, wait it out, and you will start to see the miraculous regrowth coming to formation this Fall. 

The Natal Nodes

I have heard so many other Astrologers speak about how understanding Astrology is akin to understanding a different language. Just because you do not understand another language doesn’t mean it isn’t real. One of my favorite aspect of the astrology natal chart is locating where your North Node and your South Node are located. The importance behind this is simply the Nodes, in a natal astrological chart shows where you are going (what you are striving to evolve into) and your South Node shows where you have been. The energy and problems you bring from your previous lifetime.

Depending on your belief in reincarnation, the North Node gives you a glimpse as to what you should be working towards to achieve inner peace and progression in this particular incarnation. Your South Node is an indication of your previous incarnation. Where you came from and what you are trying to grow from. Both are vital because as it is essential to know your strengths, it is equally essential to know your weakness as well. Below is a brief over view depending on where your Nodes are located as to what you should be focusing on. Namaste!



  • If your North Node is in Aries, then you are here to develop some cosmic balls. You are being called by the universe to be the bold courageous leadership energy that is Aries.  That means your South Node is in Libra meaning you are coming from a lifetime where you where the sweet peace-loving middleman. You are being called to be bold and shake things up in this lifetime.

Taurus——–Scorpio (This one is me!)

  • If your North Node is in Taurus, then you are here to focus on being grounded and find your inner calm. Finding your calm through enjoying the beautiful and simple things in life. Good food, beautiful flowers, enjoying your children’s laughter. That means your South Node is in Scorpio, meaning you come from passionate, intense, and unfortunate controlling behavior. You can easily turn the depth of your passions into a drama filled shit show. In this life we are here to focus on the simple pleasures of life, to find balance and serenity. Too be able to let go of the depths (The fear and worry) and possessive behavior to transform into the inner calm, stability, and pragmatic soul we are destined to be.


  • If your North Node is in Gemini than your life mission is plain and simple about focusing on clear and concise communication.You are an information seeking machine, and truth seeker at its finest. That means your South Node is in Sagittarius and indicates a prior lifetime of finding ones self, being a true philosopher. Perhaps that’s why in this lifetime you are called to communicate all of the philosophy that you retained from your last lifetime.


  • If your North Node is in Cancer than your life mission is to develop more empathy towards others. Giving and receiving more emotions is what you need to evolve and to grow. Realizing that if the people in your life are not genuinely there to nurture, love and be there for you more so then themselves then they are not for your highest good.  That means your South Node is in Capricorn meaning in a previous lifetime. You were more than likely the top dog/ the boss in your lifetime. However had a tendency to let greed and status overcome you. You are now responsible for evolving your mindset into focusing on the importance of emotional riches more so than the monetary.


  • If your North Node is in Leo then you are here to be in the spotlight, you are here to exude charisma and confidence. You yearn to be seen to be the star this go around.  That means your South Node is in Aquarius indicates in the past you probably didn’t truly understand yourself, became a little too people pleasing or more than often gave the spotlight away to others.


  • If your North Node is in Virgo, then you are here to cosmically get your life together. Your goal is to get your organization skills up to their finest ability. Growth will come for you when you focus more on a pragmatic way of thinking. That means your South Node is in Pisces which means you spent your previous incarnation floating and drifting in life in the dreamy imaginative nature you were known for.


  • If your North Node is in Libra, then you are here to focus more  on peace and balance, your soul grows more from including others and being fair.  That means your South Node is in Aries where in your past life you probably often argumentative, ego driven, and competitive to a downfall.


  • If your North Node is in Scorpio, then you are destined to dive into the things in life that spark passion and depth. That means your South Node is in Taurus indication in your past life you were inclined to a luxurious but simple life that prevented you from understanding much less able to handle the complexities of life.


  • If your North Node is in Sagittarius, then you are here to roam the wild searching for the philosophy & meanings of life. Learning that the universe truly does have your best wishes in mind and want nothing more for you than abundance. That means your South Node is in Gemini and you will have to overcome being too much in your own head, the constant trait of believing you are smarter than everyone else.


  • If your North Node is in Capricorn, then you are here to add discipline and add structure to your soul. Finding yourself through responsibility and self-sufficiency.  That means your South Node is in Cancer meaning you were very needy and irrationally emotional in a previous life and more than likely drained people emotionally.


  • If your North Node is in Aquarius, then you are an absolute visionary in this lifetime. I have read this is one of the best placements for your North Node for ascension comes so natural for you and you seem virtually advanced in all you do. You are meant to revolutionize your soul (and possibly others)  in this lifetime.  That means your South Node is in Leo and in your past life you probably struggled with real out of control ego issues. Arrogant, overly domineering hindered your soul from truly evolving as it should.


  • If your North Node is in Pisces means you are here for the spiritual journey of transcendence.  You are here to express your big beautiful imaginative soul with the world. Being an artist is so common with individuals with this placement, for they are able to express their imagination and creativity with those on a bigger platform. That means your South Node is in Virgo, in the past you were about  work and nothing else. The workaholic who never felt good enough, felt they never measured up. Who not only had a tendency to judge others to harshly but to judge themselves as well.