I am the metaphysical momma. A young(ish) wife and mom of 2 under five. My life is never boring. My little bears are not only the loves of my life, but they transform me everyday by molding me into being the best version of me possible. I am an unashamed foodie who loves to cook, bake, entertain, and most importantly … to eat. I also happen to be a self-proclaimed metaphysician. Just a little philosopher constantly examining the nature of reality, the various aspects of healing energy, the practice of meditation and yoga, and most notably astrology. If I were ever to define what my ‘thing’ is (aside from being mama bear) it would most certainly be astrology. So in the naming of this blog all I could envision was a phoenix. Yes a phoenix, that mythological fire bird that keeps reinventing herself amongst the ashes of her old self. That has been my constant on going experience with my writing. Constantly discovering new aspects of myself, pushing the limitations and reinventing who I am. I hope in this space you find information, interest, and inspiration in all things unexplained and amongst the stars.