Who else is tired to death of hearing of the dreaded Mercury retrograde? What other Astrologers are tired to death of explaining the realities of mercury retrograde, and how the effects of said transit ultimately depend on placement and aspects to other aspects in your individual natal chart?

Lately I have been far more interested in the upcoming Cinderella transit. The Venus conjunct Chiron April 23rd, 2019. Perhaps it stems from the fact that I am already experiencing a strong square from transiting Chiron to my natal Neptune but I am feeling the stress & defiantly feeling the romantic relationship woes.

Cinderella transits are identified by either a Venus or Neptune aspect to Chiron the wounded healer. The Cinderella transit is all about romance and love & clearing old struggles or wounds to hopefully find a brighter future for you and your loved one. Your love will be tested by the universe two fold. This transit asked of you to truly dig deep for your romantic life questions.

Through this deep time of introspection, testing the every aspect of your core you will find your truth and who knows someone who truly is an advocate and believes in you and your dreams as well.

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