My most recent MOPS meeting had a residual theme of burning it down. I know… I know… that seems a tad extreme, but when you fully grasp the concept of what it means you will applaud it just as I did. The concept of burning it down pertains to burning down whatever it is that is holding you back… or keeping you in hiding from living your authentic passion or fire. For me (like so many others) this would include burning down my insecurities. Those pesky and desperate feelings of that one is never enough or doing enough.

The time has come to burn down those insecurities, or feelings of doubt, or maybe even the feeling that you need to impress people? How are these toxic feelings even truly serving you?

Fire gives way to life as much as destruction. We were not built to be creatures of fear but yet creatures of faith. In that faith is where we will find our fire. In those times to where we collectively feel like why were we picked for this task…. or that we are just not good enough for the task. It is vital to remember that there is no such thing as coincidence in this world & God choose every one of us for a particular reason & season. So burn it down….burn down the insecurities, the false opinions, the negative energy convincing you that you are somehow not enough. Burn those feelings down to give birth to the you that lives authentically & soars.

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