Have you ever been drawn to a particular animal in your life? The native Americans instilled great importance in animals and what they represented, and the messages that their presences communicated to the average human being. Butterflies represent profound change & rebirth. I always find that when I see bright red cardinals fly into my life, extreme success and abundance in career & financial matters is always around the corner. Horses, a love of this majestic animal is a passion I adopted from my mother, represents an extreme personal drive, passionate soul and an insatiable appetite for freedom. Dogs represent bravery, devotion and protection. Wolves (the animal I resonate with the most) represent intellect, intuition, and instinct. Even snakes who represent mysticism, regeneration, and transmutation ( the shedding of old habits and emotions) Plus spiders who represent patience and creativity serve a positive meaning in the grander scheme of the animal kingdom.

Which animal resonates with you the most??

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