Happy New moon eve to all! I have been cleaning my house like a crazy woman all day. For much like I use the excuse to crazy clean my house when visitors are coming over I also use the new moon as an excuse to crazy clean and set my new monthly intentions off right! I’m very excited about this new moon tomorrow, for not only do I have my rising sign in Gemini but this new moon will be affected by 8 star constellations that will favorably aspect this new moon. We have the star constellations as listed;

  • Bellatrix-The female warrior, woman born under this star constellation are known for mighty tongues. I not only have Bellatrix in my 1st house but in Gemini as well.
  • Capella-Gives honor, heath, renown and a public sense of trust and friendship
  • Phact- The bringer of good news
  • Mintaka-Is of the nature of mercury and Saturn, so there is a karmic element to this star and is known as the star that brings good fortune.
  •  El Nath-Gives fortune and neutrality to both good & evil
  • Ensis- Gives strong and dignified nature, prosperity of trade and voyages abroad.
  • Alnilam- Gives public honors
  •  Al Hecka- Give great psychic powers

New moon in Gemini will be an excellent day to study, intensify research on a subject, and really getting down to the nitty-gritty.

I personally intend to get serious with my own nose to the grind on all sorts of important projects that will hopefully launch my own notoriety and success within my career and creative project sector. That is what this new moon is all about. Get your face and your work out there and shine a flood light on it, for now is the time for take off.

Like Mark Twain quoted “the best way to get ahead is to get started”.



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