Life is far from rainbows and butterflies all the time….. far from it even. That much can be certain of life. I get constant compliments on my uplifting attitude, and if I must confess, this is by far (in my opinion) the greatest compliment anyone can receive. Its the kind of compliment, along with ‘you are so smart’ and ‘your are so kind’ that I really truly hold with esteem and pride. Anyone can make themselves beautiful on the outside, but to be beautiful on the inside is something to be truly coveted. However, as positive as I strive to be every single day, every single second….its not a realistic aspect of how life works. We will have the shit storms that hit our life…some that leave us with a shock we may never be able to shake or 100% heal. We will be tested and we will be left feeling weak and weary. Some of us are just injured birds who need to figure out exactly how to love again.  My ‘attitude’ if you will come from the simple fact that I refuse, REFUSE to be knocked down and stay down. Call it strength, call it ego, call it down right stubborn, but I know my worth and I know I’m anything but stupid. I follow my instincts religiously not emotionally. It’s just not in my blood to lay down & to give up. There are those out there who will inevitably not be able to get back up… who feel lost and broken. I want those who fall in the later category to know that’s ok too… if you get lost, if you become broken…. I will be your strength until you are strong enough to heal and eventually fly as the life warrior you were always meant to be. Trusting your soul will always be scary, but it will be real. It will be ruthless, gut wrenching, transformative truth that will ultimately be the desperately needed water to your souls drought. The honest truth I carry with me about my life is that its messy, but this mess is mine and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.




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