We will never be able to outrun the stress and anxiety of our lives. In most instances especialy as we get older, and the responsibility piles up the stress and anxiety only compounds oneself. I have found great solace in essential oils, meditation, and yoga. I love yoga because it not only alleviates my anxiety, back issues, and headaches, but it is a stretching/strengthening practice that incorporates meditation as well. So I thought I would post a couple of my go to poses that I use the most to keep my struggles with anxiety at bay.


The Plow Pose (Halasana)

This pose not only stretches and opens up your neck, but your shoulders and back as well. That’s why this pose is a serious favorite of mine. For it really is a charm at combating headaches. Which I tend to struggle with quite often. It brings your blood and energy flow towards your throat chakra and is excellent in aiding one with a better nights sleep.


The Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

This pose stretches the legs, the core, and really opens up the hips. Great at reliving lower back pain, and an amazing pose at improving ones posture as well. The one is a heart opener (energy speaking). It opens your heart chakra up and allows for a flow of energy to flow easier towards your throat chakra on its way to the crown chakra.


Supported Headstand Pose (Salamba Sirsasana)


The supported head stand pose is hands down (pun intended) one of the best poses to align your chakras. Especially the first upper two. Aligning your chakras allows a smoother energy flow. Allowing the energy to move directly towards your third eye & crown chakras. There is also the concept that with your head down on the ground you are transferring the energy from earth towards your crown chakra as well. In essence absorbing energy to literally “ground” your chakras and self. Take note though that the headstand pose is a toughie even in the pic you can tell I’m totally punking out with 1. being right next to that wall and 2. holding a pillow under my head (so hope the energy from the ground is prepared to rock through that pillow before reaching my crown chakra lol). Lastly for this pose your arms should be way more “in” tucked way closer to your ears… but again me & the pillow so…. However this pose is a key one for strengthening shoulders and arms and increasing blood flow for better focus.


I also love using the poses of child’s pose, cat/ cow, downward dog, the cobra…. I call them “my classics” because they are not too crazy and so so beneficial at keeping my aging body together and my anxiety at ease. I hope this inspires you to get stretching to a calmer center as well!


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