I am inexplicably excited about the full moon in Scorpio this evening…The erotic, dark, sensuality of this transformation energy radiates enthusiastic emotion. Full moons are a culmination of the intentions and goals set around the first of the month. A time of release and rewards if hard work and true intention were genuinely given throughout the month. Associated with the sign of Scorpio, for the next two days we will be wading into some deep, dark and mysterious watery energy. It’s energy that demands great depth in just about everything (mental, spiritually, and even physically). Requires you to dive deeper inward, towards all the shadowy and hidden parts of your psyche and your soul. What is missing? What is needed?  What needs to die off? What needs to bet transformed and regenerated?

Also on a Scorpio note, vengefulness is a key characteristic of this sign. So we will blame all this Scorpio for my excitement around the fact that we are having a full moon in Scorpio + Saturn (lord of karma) in retrograde + Pluto (raw and ferocious energy) in retrograde = Payback is a mother…….  Don’t be surprised in the least to realize that enemies and those who have in the past or continue to do wrong, will definitely get their just dues from the universe. This is a time of strong transformative and KARMIC payback and believe me when I express… nothing compares to the sting of a Scorpio King.

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