New moon and full moon are vitally important times in the zodiac. Celebrating and honoring the releasing of outdated patterns.As well as the visualization/ manifestation of  our intentions. Here is a quick overview of my favorite ways to embrace the New moon/ new intentions energy of the month.


  1. Clean your environment…. Clutter and stagnant energy are never beneficial in the launch of any energy work. When ever I am feeling stuck energetically, I always try clearing up my house first. The cleaning of your space will not only look better but will free up unwanted energetic blockages that surround you. Perhaps get some great oils going in your oil diffuser…. for nothing quite motivates, and inspires our senses like delicious aromatherapy. Try peppermint, lemon, or orange blossom oil. All great energizing oils that leave you with that motivated and fresh clean smell that personifies clean slate.


2.Meditation and then writing your intentions down. Take a moment to clear and center yourself. Balance those chakras and then think for a second about what you what to achieve in the next month… Why are these goals so important to you? what desired action do you think is necessary to achieve these goals. Write these intentions and thoughts (little notes to yourself as I call them) down, read them continuously  throughout the month. I mean journal your little metaphysical loving heart out here.



3. Get your tub goals on. Set up an energy uplifting bath. Run your water with some salts, salts are known for their negative clearing properties in general. Salts (particularly epsom salts) are also therapeutic, soothing and relax stressed muscles… so kill two birds with one stone. Oil it up as well… Go with what ever oil best uplifts and rejuvenate your soul. The objective is to leave feeling spiritually uplifted and motivated… I use rose oil… it’s just my jam, that’s all. Jojoba or coconut oil as well would be an added addition, because nothing makes me feel better and ready to take on the world like properly moisturized skin. Light your favorite candles, get your favorite crystals, and heck pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of cucumber water. Anything to set the mood of “I am renewed and replenished with this moon. I am open and excited for all possible new beginnings”


Most importantly remember to give thanks and gratitude to the universe for not only allowing this beautiful flow of energy into your life, but for the exciting opportunities that have yet to be manifested.



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