We are building up to the new moon in Aries this month on Sunday the 15th. New moon equals fresh new start. Especially so with Mercury going direct on the very same day. Start reevaluating goals, plans and strategies to get to said goals. For this moon packs a punch.

Aries is represented by the planet of Mars… Mars in astrology is about action… a call to arms/ war-driven kind of energy. You could find yourself  going to battle for what you believe in. A need to justify what you are doing and going after in life. Unexpected plot twists are likely as well with Uranus at a hard angle to the new moon. Uranus is about sudden, profound, and often times destructive energy. It stands for surprises…. Think shocking and electric energy. So wether that be a good surprise or bad surprise depends and other placements in your chart and your mindset. No matter what kind of energy the universe send your way, your mind is the trump card. You can either spin straw into gold or the alternative…..

I would highly recommend watching your temper and impulsive tendencies with this new moon period. The moon represents water and emotions. Just like the waves continuously going up and down…. the moon cycles winning and waxing… and so on. That makes this emotional watery moon very uncomfortable in such a fiery energy such as Aries. However with proper meditation and manifestation we can channel this sensitive, dramatic yet powerful energy to do massive good in our lives. Especially with Mercury going direct on the exact day as the new moon. Now is the time to speak up and loudly declare. Dive headfirst into the work needed to forage ahead.


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