It’s Easter baby! and man do we love us some Easter in our household. When it comes to our favorite holidays its always a toss up between Christmas & Easter (with Halloween as  a close runner up). I would even say that Easter has the advantage over Christmas because of the fresh spring weather that is typically at its finest here in Atlanta. So many fun traditions to share with the babies, from egg hunts, painting eggs, and ostereierbaum. Ostereierbaum the German Easter tradition of decorating trees and bushes with decorative eggs. Another pro for team Easter would be that no other holiday glorifies my most favorite meal of any day… BRUNCH, like Easter does. Lastly I would say the overall theme of Easter, the story of Jesus rising from the dead just hits it home for me. It’s the ultimate Phoenix from the ashes story. Jesus was eliminated and still he rose from the ashes. We should all remember this, and carry this vital message in our hearts. Knowing that no matter how much you feel invalid or defeated, that there will forever be room for the rising. Happy Easter!!

Only the essentials for our Easter brunch

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Ostereierbaum & Egg Hunting

The littlest bear 100% certin this “Easter Bunny” is a serial killer in disguise.

See ya later Easter 2018… You have been good to us. Till next year.

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