Chiron the asteroid that plays such a surprisingly big role in astrology. This asteroid that was discovered November 1st 1977. This asteroid has an erratic orbit somewhere between Saturn (the planet representing structure and discipline) & Uranus (the planet represented by catastrophic and rebellious energy). The asteroid that in astrology came to be represented by the Greek mythological creature the centaur. Who as a great teacher and healer, tragically in the end could not heal himself and his own deepest wounds.

Recently I have had the tragic energy of Chiron heavy on my brain. I find equally ironic that I myself with a sun sign of Sagittarius (represented) by the centaur, Chiron in my 12 house of wounds/undoing, and who knows maybe the new moon conjunction Chiron is responsible for lighting up such a huge aspect of Chiron in my chart. I feel so many times that as much as I speak, teach, and promote to others about spirituality, positive energy, and above all else healing that I myself fall so short of being able to truly heal myself. Healing is the most difficult thing a person can learn to master. It is one hell of a gut wrenching/ soul-searching process and whether it be through forgiveness, abandoning ego, projecting empathy, or above all else acceptance it guaranteed to be a tumultuous ride in the least. Acceptance of yourself even. Acceptance of falling short of not just our intended goals, but also acceptance that in your lowest moment when you turn to others only to be rejected emotionally, and psychological that its ok to feel a little lost. We all have to be a little lost sometimes to discover and find our authentic selves. Abandonment of that toxic, basic, on the surface notation of society specific perfection. Embrace that ferocious, brave, authentic heart of yours for all it is….wounds and all.

All the money in the world will not define you, degrees will not define you, popularity and taking the comfortable path will not define you. What defines you are your wounds. That you were strong enough, brave enough, and just a little bit crazy enough to bust through that comfy little on the surface fake ceiling and say “HERE I AM WORLD!” Here I am!!!!! …..Wounds and all. Imperfections and broken heart and all. It isn’t pretty or cozy, but it’s real…it’s your truth. Your unashamed authentic self. You might just be surprised by how much of an inspiration that all of your authentic self will serve to society. Wounds and all.

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