Aries- The rams are the leaders of our zodiac. They are endless energy, be it by boundless positivity or rage. Dynamic is truly the only way these fiesty champions know know to bring it. This explosive energy does tend to overextend and burn them out far too often though. Sweet Orange oil carries many of the same properties as the Aries, with its cheerful and uplifting qualities. An anti inflammatory oil that calms, sooths, and brings abundant energy into your life.

Taurus- Our bulls of the zodiac are earthy practical romantics. A need to always be surrounded by love and beauty. They are essentialy known to be extremely sensual yet with quiet the quick temper. Ylang-ylang oil is not only a mild aphrodisiac and balances nerves, but it actually translates into “flowers of flowers”. Which puts this romantic oil right up Taurians ally.

Gemini- The twins of the zodiac. The personification of the two sides to every story or two perceptions that must always be looked at while pondering the solution. They are the immortal witty, sharp, and charismatic communicators. Basil oil puts them at their best for thinking. For basil oil is the kind of oil to use when studying or working hard on a project. This oil has cephalic properties, meaning it not only stimulates mind but improves overall concentration and a memory booster as well.

Cancer- Our little moody momma crabs of the zodiac. Noted for being extremely nurturing, emotional, and sensitive have quite a bit of tummy and digestive issues. More than likely centered around their worry wart ways. Lavender oil has the calm effect that is mostr benifical for your nerves. Riding the body of that nervous energy and mood neutralizing aspects.

Leo- Regal, dramatic, and fiercly driven leaders. The lions of the zodiac have a certain glow to them, which is equally undeniable and unmistakable. Strong and proud, the Leos benefit best from ginger oil. I can’t think of a better oil that matches Leos spicy nature other than ginger oil.

Virgo- Studious and detailed oriented, Virgos are more than likely the personification of perfection. They rarely miss the mark. However their hypocritical nature (they are hardest on themselves than anyone else) truly takes a toll on their immune system. Chamomile oil eases anxiety and a racing mind.

Libra-The scale of Libras are known for being peace-loving/seeking individuals who live for harmony and a strong sense of justice. Indecisiveness and stubborness become them however, yet they coexist for peace in all matters of life. Frankincense oil gives peace of mind. As well it aids in reliving physical pain, and is a powerful healing oil.

Scorpio- Mysterious and intense, they live with a magnetic and possessive charm that rarely goes unnoticed. Most times they grab the limelight in an all too effortless manner. Patchouli oil is an oil known for its aphrodisiac, antidepressant, and sedative qualities. All the properties that fit any Scorpio quite seamlessly.

Sagittarius-The centaurs live to aim and shoot their arrows and care very little for where they hit their mark. For the main point of it all is the journey it take to retrieve the arrow. They are philosophers and the original symbol for the saying “not all who wonder are lost”. All that wandering takes its toll typically on saggies muscles typically. Eucalyptus oil would defiantly be their go oil for relaxation and muscle healing properties.

Capricorn- The goats are traditional, serious, and conservative. They are masters at self-control and achieve great success in both their personal and professional lives. I think sandalwood oil best suits Capricorns needs for it helps to improve memory, and to achieve calmness and clarity.

Aquarius- Eccentric and innovative, the waterbearers are brilliant. Highly intelligent and independent. They will always march to a beat of their own drum. Peppermint oil invigorates the mind and alleviates headache as well in most cases.

Pisceses- The fish is compassionate and dreamy. Romantic and imaginative little artists roaming this earth. Tea tree oil-reduces inflammation , and relaxes you when your emotions become all too frazzled and aids in rational thinking when your emotions tend to overwhelm you.

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