Wow, talk about your lunar energy! Today we have the full moon in Virgo. We had no full moons in February, and I personally feel like the energy currently radiating is overdue. I was up till almost 3:30 this morning and then promptly awoken by my eldest little bear at 6am. She was rearing to go…. again this lunar energy has us all wired. I have found myself incredibly productive though…I mean setting up new strategies of getting my house cleaned consistently throughout the week. Mon-Bedrooms, Tues-Bathrooms, Wed-Kitchen, Thurs- Living area etc etc. Finding time to dedicate, bond and create meaningful memories with my little bears. Not to mention I have been writing practically non stop for the past 4 hours with no end to the creative flow in sight. The full moon in virgo exemplifies realizing and getting rid of blockages that prevents you from properly nourishing and nurturing your self.

The full moon is still technically occurring in the constellation of Leo though. So whenever we have full moons around Leo (even in another sign) energy often associated with major royal events, assignations/massacres, or events dealing with money are prevalent. So I found particular peaked interest in the past couple of weeks of current events. From the rocky stock markets, to the Parkland Florida shootings, even the recent death of Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark. These events don’t have to be directly during the full moon activity. In this case it has been in the couple of weeks leading up to the full moon, and technically we have also had our moon (dramatic emotions) in Leo. All these events are the very essence of that said dramatic Leo energy.

This full moons energy will weed out the toxic relationships and mannerisms doing you more harm than good. Now is the time to step up and take the initiative and responsibility to take care of you. To take care of your body, your mind, and most importantly your spirit in order to fully flourish.




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