Origionaly posted; 01/31/2018

We kick off this years eclipse season today with the lunar eclipse in Leo. It will still technically be in the constellation of cancer though. So everything the moon represents (motherhood, family, emotions ect) will be amplified x 100. This lunar eclipse brings forth so much empowering female energy, that I am not at all surprised at the #metoo, women marches, taking down the patriarchy movements that are occurring on the political forefront. The energy is ripe for it to accumulate as it has during this time specifically.

On a more personal note, most will find with this eclipse illuminating matters of the home, family, your emotions arising to the surface of your consciousness. Women and especially mothers will feel this eclipse the strongest. Since the full moons are about release and the shedding of unproductive beliefs & actions. Now would be the best time to ask yourself, what in your life is preventing you from feeling the balance most needed with in your home, family, or motherhood? What perhaps is creating unbalance with in your relationship to other key women in your life? such as with your own mother, sister, friends ect? For the men out there, ask yourself what could you be doing to emotional support the mothers in your life better.

This is a time of dealing with private affairs as well, what needs to be restored to ensure balance in your private life? home and the feminine aspects of who you are? Where does your faith need to be restored?

My balance between my work and my children is a huge goal that I am currently working on. Focusing on the balance between nurturing others and nurturing myself, between loving others and in loving myself, and forgiveness for others and forgiveness for myself.

On February 15th we will have a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius. This will coincide with the new moon translating into a blank canvas or fresh soil (represented by the dark moon) for new seeds of intention to be planted in. Eclipses bring with them awakenings or revelations that come to light. Optimism, plans being projected, and fresh ideas/ blueprints being drawn are to be expected with the eclipse occurring in the innovative sign of Aquarius.

Then, we will have a bit of a breather during the year. Until the new moon solar eclipse July 12th in Cancer. We will yet again be dealing with emotional issues arising in reference to relationships, home, and private matters. The question of what needs more balance? will be asked of us.

Later in the month the lunar eclipse July 27th again in Aquarius will take place. This eclipse will be a full moon so the energy will revolve around an ending of some sort. A closing of a chapter. With this eclipse in Aquarian energy (energy that loves change) I fully expect some dramatic upheaval to occur, to put an end to some outdated way of thinking from your past. The best we can do around this eclipse is to keep calm and keep ourselves as grounded as possible. For the upheaval is unavoidable, necessary even for our spiritual growth. The more grounded we are, the more prepared we will all collectively be in which to handle the dramatic energy at hand with grace.

Whew! and lastly we have our new moon solar eclipse 8/11 in Leo. I always look at lunar eclipses as dealing with big changes in emotional nature (Solar eclipse representing physical action vs. lunar eclipses representing emotional situations).That is what this eclipse will be about, a display of creative and powerful energy being projected to launch some sort of physically important project in our lives. This eclipse is somehow connected with some particular series of events that happened during August 2017. What do you remember about what was going on in your life at that time? Unexpected events in the media and political forefront are expected possibilities around this specify eclipse. With this eclipse we are being called upon to take this powerful Leo eclipse energy and to face our fears with the intent to concur & bravely overcome.

This year astrologically speaking is looking to be one wild roller coaster ride of a year. Especially with the eclipses ahead of us, dramatic energy is abundant and will pivot us one way or the other towards our highest good. Resistance truly is futile in this matter, consciousness is upon the horizon my friends. As previously stated the best we can all do is to meditate, stay conscious, focus on being as grounded as possible and be ready to face the coming change ahead of us with grace and genuine intention.


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