My first born little bear, 2015.

Did anyone else wake up and feel a surge of down to earth, balanced, and all around lovely energy?

Well I know I certainly did. I found it all too appropriate as well seeing as this is the Chinese New Year today, and we officially have entered the year of the earth dog.

The energy associated with the Chinese zodiac the earth dog is that of an individual grounded, steady, calm and centered. They stay the course on every level. They refuse to let others dictate their emotions, and veer them off their path. That kind of energy is what we are to expect from the coming year, and what a relief it is coming from the past two years of fire energy (fire monkey 2016 & fire rooster 2017).

Fire years are known to be unpredictable, destructive, and chaotic. I think the world in general is ready for an energetic breather. The year of the earth dog could not have arrivin at a better time. This year beckons promises of abundance and success to those who truly get their nose to the grind, and pour all they’ve got into their work.

Another unique aspect of the earth dog is kindness. The Chinese zodiac of the dog is not only known to be steady and loyal, but hey are known most notably for their kindness. This year more than any other truly brings great rewards to those who exemplify and execute act of kindness towards others. One pitfall I have read to watch out for during this year however, would be to watch your health. The earth dog is so consumed with their goal and a bit of a workaholic that their stress levels skyrocket leaving them vulnerable to illness and anxiety. So try to keep yourself calm, and as relaxed as possible while working the hours away. Focus on your own inner balance and center. Above all else, tune into your kindness and radiate it throughout the world.


Happy Chinese New Year! & Namaste!

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